Kirschner Associates, Inc.

About Kirschner Associates, Inc.

Kirschner Associates was begun on July 1, 1984 and was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on January 14, 1986. The company began as the result of the Patterson-Kelley Company closing its Regional New England Sales Office. Prior to that Mr. Robert F. Kirschner, owner of Kirschner Associates was the Regional Sales Manager for the Patterson-Kelley Company and had been employed by them since January 7, 1957.

Occupying the former Patterson-Kelley offices in Middleboro since 1986, business growth resulted in Kirschner Associates building an office and warehouse and relocated there in January 2000. Presently they warehouse some boilers, boiler parts and chimney materials for all types of fuels.

Having a strong background in heat transfer, heat exchangers, water heaters and boilers Kirschner Associates, Inc. now represents 1. Patterson-Kelley Company, manufacturer of boilers and water heaters, 2. Rite Manufacturing and Engineering, a manufacturer of steel boilers, 3. National Combustion Company, a manufacturer of gas-fired water heaters and boilers, 4. Shaw-Perkins, a manufacturer of heavy-duty radiation, 5. Ameridex, a manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, and 6. Security Chimneys, a manufacturer of all types of chimney and vent material for boilers and other fired equipment.

Robert F. Kirschner, President, and Margaret J. Kirschner, holds ownership of all stock of the corporation. A Board of Directors consists of the stockowners and David P. Kirschner, Vice President, Robert F. Kirschner, Jr., Assistant Treasurer, and Alan R. Kirschner who is a registered professional engineer with another company.

Mr. Robert F. Kirschner is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in the design and sales of heat transfer equipment of all types. He holds several U.S. Patents on water heaters and heat exchangers that were manufactured by Patterson-Kelley. He was Manager of Technical Services of the Patterson-Kelley Company and Regional Manager of branch offices in East Stroudsburg, PA, Chicago, IL and Boston, MA. Prior to employment with Patterson-Kelley, Mr. Kirschner was with the Whitlock Manufacturing Co., Inc. in Elmwood, CT as a design and sales engineer of shell and tube heat exchangers for the pulp and paper industry, power plant and nuclear power industry.